Knowing yourself

Do I really know what I want in life? I thought I alway did, but lately all the good luck I have been experiencing I would have never imagined in a million years happening to me. My whole life has been filled with ups and downs. Most of the time is was more downs than up. Yesterday, I accepted a position that I thought I would always say no to. But now I look upon this new journey with excitement and renewed vigor for life. I do not know how it will pan out, but I do know that I will give it my all. It is hard to start all over after you spend years working to accomplish one particular goal only to see it vanish. I guess life knows what I need when I don’t. I believe in fate, and honestly most of the time I am scared that I will be forgotten and things won’t work out because life is shitty. But lately, I feel that regardless of all the downs I have experienced, the ups I will have will be more than I have ever imagined. I am not scared to die, but I am afraid that I will die never having lived. So now I will take life one day at a time and live life to the fullest, because as we all know, only today, this moment is guaranteed. So, after this long-winded explanation, back to the question at hand, Do I really know what I want in life? I guess the answer is yes and no. I know that I want to travel the world, make an impact on society and live a fulfilling life, but I have no idea how to do that. I guess what I am trying to say, no so eloquently is that, I may no know I want but I don’t always know what I need.

Prologue to La Familia

     Time is ticking, one more minute left of the exam. Who knew I would ever get here, taking my medical boards. Well, this the beginning of the rest of my life. I am so excited yet terrifyingly nervous. My family is depending on me, They need me as the head of the business. Oh man, I hope it all works out because I cannot imagine what it would be like if it doesn’t. I am almost twenty-five years old, I need to get my life in perspective. I didn’t do all of this to bow out like a coward. Thirty seconds left. I take a deep breath and press the end button. Wow, I am done, finally done. I mean no more simulated classes, no more hard core prep. I made it. Now for the hard part, LIFE. When I was younger it was easier to get things done, now that I am a practicing doctor, or at least I hope, I have 10x more responsibility. This is all  I dreamed of though, making it so that my mom and dad could retire and finally enjoy life and my extended family could eat my dust. I give a silent prayer of thanks and collect my things. I walk out of the room and towards the exit of the building. As I breathe in the fresh air, I close my eyes and enjoy the solitude that I know I won’t get again. As I open my eyes and start towards my car, I see him and my world stops, at least for now.

Sorry, it’s been so long

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been away from the site for almost seven months. My life has been crazy and eventful. I started graduate school in June and I had to give up one of my jobs. I love to learn but life has taken a turn for the worse and I wonder about my well being and that of my family. Basically, long story short, I may be homeless in less than a week and there is no one in my life that I can turn to and talk about this with. Alright, enough with the heavy, I have been updating, when I can my stories and have created a new one. I know, how can I start a new one when I haven’t finished the two that I have started? But bear with me, my mind works in a crazy fashion and when an idea pops in my head, I have to get it out before I lose it. Most of the time it takes on a life of it’s own. I am proud of my works of art and hope one day to be published. My writing has been a reprieve from the reality that I live. It is my one solace, and I hope to bring others that same peace I gain when I am lost in my fantasy world. Please leave a positive comment whenever you read and a suggestion of how I can make this site better.


My content

Good morning everyone and Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it. I am back again with another post. I have just updated Mrs. Boss with a little post for those that are interested to read. However I would like to make this disclaimer/ advisory: My content is for Mature adults because it contains themes that are unsuitable for children. I write about strength, independence, love and relationships so naturally there are parts of my novellas or stories that cannot be read by anyone under the age of 18. I also include gun violence and killing depending on the type of theme my story is following. My first two stories are about Mob families, so they will include a moderate amount of violence. Now I do not condone violence but they are the realities of my stories. Also as previously mentioned I like to write about interracial couples. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t write about anything else, it just means that most of my current content will feature protagonists of differing backgrounds. Now I am willing to take suggestions on different couple sets, but if you do not like guns, violence, mature content or interracial couples please do not read my content or leave any negative comments. This is a place where readers who like something different can come and read these novellas and post their feedback. It is meant to be interactive and fun. I will block anyone who is inappropriate.

First blog post

Welcome to my blog, La Sirene. My name is Aurelia and I will be your resident author. I love to read and have a vivid imagination. I hope my creations are to you liking. Please leave a comment below and share this page with you friends. With more followers I will be creating an email account for this page and I will start a social media one as well if any followers would like to see my content in real time. I will try in post weekly, because I have already started working on two projects. Hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Until next time.